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Without a job, a family, or a life, Rebecca starts her day with the unfortunate realization that it is just another average day. Desperate to shed the shadow that constantly plagues her every waking moment, Rebecca heads to the beach—her sanctuary—where she is flooded with memories. As the surf pummels the beach, a gigantic wave suddenly rips a baby out of his mother’s arms. Rebecca springs into action, saving the baby from drowning. As she awakens, Rebecca Stewart realizes once again that this is not her reality, but just another dream—or is it?

For as long as she can remember, Rebecca has had continual dreams of herself living within another world, where she seemingly lives a surreal life without her husband and two children. As she struggles to understand the meaning behind her dreams, Rebecca begins to piece together a complex puzzle that leads her to a shocking discovery: the government has been keeping tabs on her for a long time. Now all she has to do is figure out why.

In this compelling thriller in which dreams and reality intertwine, a woman is led down a perilous path where she must rely on inner strength, perseverance, and courage to break free from those who control her and return to the one world where she truly belongs.


Rebecca Stewart, a woman with strange powers, awakens from a drug-induced coma after more than three years to find that things have changed dramatically. She had turned herself over the government agency to protect her family, and now that agency's stance on her level of threat has shifted.


As Rebecca struggles to take back her life, her caretaker, Chris, and agency friend Corrine Casten, help Rebecca piece together what she has lost and what she still has. Her children are alive and safe, cared for by a friend-another former agent. But loyalties and agendas are very different, and the people around her are not who they seem. While Rebecca sorts the past from the present, her dream double, nicknamed Two, watches over her children, learning more about who they are and what they can do. In Rebecca's weakened state, it's unclear which version of her is stronger-the newly awakened physical body or the otherworldly double-or whether she'll be able to keep her explosive tendencies in check.


In this science fiction novel, a woman with supernatural powers must work to reconnect to the world she was forced to leave behind in order to keep her family safe.


It has been two years since Rebecca escaped a government compound, concluding that she left no other survivors. With her husband, and two kids, even in hiding, she planned to leave the past behind her, because the past was nothing but experiments and pain. Her powerful dreams were not her fault; she was born that way.


Rebecca is driven to make her new life work. Lately, however, Rebecca has been having new dreams. This nightmare life threatens the current equilibrium of her tenuous real life; it threatens her marriage, because she knows, deep down, that Chase fears her—fears what she can do. She thought the agency was destroyed with the destruction of the compound. She was wrong. The same people who once held her captive are tracking her again, and they’re closer than she thinks. Now, someone else walks within her dreams.


Will Rebecca keep control of her mind, or will her powers destroy everything she has come to love?


Though free from the agency, Rebecca is not free from the nightmares.


A battle must be fought. A choice must be made. In this final tale of Rebecca's struggles, will one woman be able to overcome? Will she be able to save those she cares for? Will her dream-like double be able to help?

An epic battle of power and love unfolds, while a story needs to be told.

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