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There is a tale being passed down between generations. Though it varies, it tells how, in an effort of immortality, a being of influence struck a horrible deal with demons. So what wins? A father's determination, mother's love and ultimate sacrifice, or does evil and dark magic reign forever supreme? Petre longed to hear the end of the story his grandmere told and later died for.

In a dark age, when magic still permeated the lands...

Nadar Blackwing, a magic-bearer, is teamed up with a Minotaur who saved her decades before.  All their years together they roam the lands with others they save from dark forces or bad circumstances.  One of them, Petre, comedic story-teller, hints at stories which explain Nadar’s history and her superior abilities, in magic and battle.

But trying to rescue a comrade has Nadar learn perhaps the tales of old have some truth within them…and likely, within her.  Can she figure herself out and save her friends?  Will she be strong enough now, and for whatever lies ahead?

Craning her neck she saw Kadrok’s look of fear as he gripped his short sword. The roc’s talon’s were dug into his thick torso. Blood ran from the huge holes. He worked his mouth and blood leaked from his nose.

After saying goodbye to some of her comrades, Nadar crosses a valley of lush grasses with her Minotaur friend, and Omar, an assassin on a mission of his own. Joining forces on their way to ascertain a dark elf troll lord’s location, Kadrok’s story unfolds…while Nadar allows herself to open up and learns more about her position in the world she lives in.

But all moments are not filled with love and joy in Nadar’s life. There is hurt, pain, and forgiveness. And there are promises to be kept, even when standing alone. Will new alliances be formed? Or will war rage?
In a time where elves and trolls no longer feud, a marriage between the elf-troll hybrid, Lord Devos, and the elven Lady Lorelli, joins two families. But it is not loveless. Far from it.

Unfortunately, dark forces have already worked their influences on the couple.

Can Lorelli find out what is going on? Can she be strong enough to counter devils and demons?

Enter the world of Nadar Blackwing, and discover her beginnings. Join her adventure. Live it.
The wisp of a moon peeked from the thick clouds. The Minotaur, Kadrok, held up his beefy hand, causing everyone around him to stop, look and listen. A darkness against the black of night, and he saw it again. In the shadows, the thing they had been tracking moved, and each Minotaur who saw it took a step in time to mask their location and numbers. Every step it made, they moved with it, stalking their prey. They followed a weird-gaited being that resembled a cross between man and dog. Strange occurrences happened when it was near, calves of the herd died, and Kadrok and his team were to kill it.

Evil lurks in strange places and crosses many paths. The Honorbound Minotaur seek revenge.

Yet, Kadrok finds so much more. But what is his cost? Live his adventure.
Nadar glanced at Petre. “Record this, Story Teller.”

Nadar returns to the land of her family and finds a castle in ruins. There, she faces a different kind of magic, one she can’t counter. Evil lurks everywhere.

Without proper training, or an army to back her, will Nadar be able to defeat the being who made deals with demons and devils. Swords and blades aren’t the only weapons. How can she overcome? Or will she fail and fulfill the evil contract of her father, Lord Devos?
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