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Whether you are interested in Sci-fi or Action, or perhaps a mystery, these stand alone book titles will have you covered. These novels will appease most with a "check it out" attitude.
As Jodie would say, "Enjoy!"
Without a job, a family, or a life, Rebecca starts her day with the unfortunate realization that it is just another average day. Desperate to shed the shadow that constantly plagues her every waking moment, Rebecca heads to the beach—her sanctuary—where she is flooded with memories. As the surf pummels the beach, a gigantic wave suddenly rips a baby out of his mother’s arms. Rebecca springs into action, saving the baby from drowning. As she awakens, Rebecca Stewart realizes once again that this is not her reality, but just another dream—or is it?

For as long as she can remember, Rebecca has had continual dreams of herself living within another world, where she seemingly lives a surreal life without her husband and two children. As she struggles to understand the meaning behind her dreams, Rebecca begins to piece together a complex puzzle that leads her to a shocking discovery: the government has been keeping tabs on her for a long time. Now all she has to do is figure out why.

In this compelling thriller in which dreams and reality intertwine, a woman is led down a perilous path where she must rely on inner strength, perseverance, and courage to break free from those who control her and return to the one world where she truly belongs.

I don't really know what I want to say, other than I am afraid. I think I may be the next person to die. To be eaten. To be the victim of what I have witnessed. I know this may be my first, last, and only entry on this subject. I am not sure I will last the night. I'm afraid. And I can't stop the tears.


Jessica Reynoldi, a cadet at IDEA, the space station turned university for military expansion and exploration, has stumbled upon little things here and there that make her wonder if she suffers from space illness. By her second year, Jess is putting the pieces together and is drawing attention to herself. Surrounded by more questions than answers in this futuristic academy where geniuses and photographic teens are abundant, Jess tries to figure out who is doing it, and why.


Can Jess pull the snippets of her journal together in time to leave a trail? Or will she fall victim to the illness?


Ever wonder what it would mean to belong to the Empire of Angels?


Do you know what our job entails? What we go through, eternally? What love truly means? Purpose? To have lost? Our angel aches and desires? What it feels like to fail? Or what it feels like to slowly die?


I know. I have seen it. I have felt it. I have delivered it.“


Angel Jemicai, come forward,” Great Peter’s voice booms across the expanse.


There is no hesitation, no fear. Only…there’s anxiety. This is my Judgement. A summation of my existence to present. There will be a recounting of such times I have been of service to Him, to His will, to His people, and to my own Empire of Angels. This moment will tell if I have done my purpose to His will, or not enough. It will also tell me if I continue, or if my time with the Empire is at an end.


My military career started out as a way for me to grow, to expand my opportunities, and leave my little rural hometown in Wisconsin.


Who am I trying to fool?  I was a broke farm girl trying to get an education.  Everything after that just happened.

But you're not here to read my sappy teenage memoirs. You're here to find out about “them”.  How I was selected. And what happened.



As a prior member of the US Air Force, Marie Peterson is reminded daily of what she misses being active duty versus her current civilian life. News stories and the threat of a comet stir her sense of patriotic duty and make her think of going back into the service. Then, a stranger with military credentials, who knows things about Marie’s past, offers her a chance to go back as active duty.


But the things he knows and shows her has Marie wondering what is really going on. Is it just going back in, or is it a different calling?

Heed the call to serve. Read and sign the dotted line of ENLISTMENT.

Marge offered a smile and a wave. “Nice run?”

The lady held Marge’s look for just a moment. “Yeah.”

Marge felt the chill and frowned. “I’m sorry. Have I done something to you?”

The blonde turned, sweat running down her hairline. She jerked an earbud from her ear. “What?”

“I was wondering what I’ve done to upset you.” Marge stood there, door still in her grasp.

The runner gave her a solid looking over. “Nothing. But weren’t you involved in that woman’s death or something?”

Marge is an independent writer falsely accused of a murder. She works to prove her innocence while something, or someone, tries to seek help. Will Marge figure it out in time? Or will she draw too much attention?

“I am being discharged? Medically discharged from service?” My gaze and tone try to force his eyes to meet mine. “Why?”
He clears his throat and looks about before he finally chances a look at me. “Seriously? You even have to ask?”
I feel my heart plummet and come to a stop within my chest. My lips go dry and my throat follows suit. My eyes close as I fight the anger building until I see red behind my closed lids. This cannot be happening.

A seemingly simple detour during a routine military night route has consequences that Sargent Desiree Waters didn't expect. Unique experimental hybrid aircraft and a secret base, and then....nothing, yet everything. But something happened, and people are after her. Part of her knows why, but there has to be more. She is in trouble and has no where to go.

History might repeat itself if Desiree can't figure it out.

Can she trust her partner or anyone else? What does she need to do to save her name, and hence herself?

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